“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

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If Biden is guilty of a crime re docs, then, well, gosh darn it, he's guilty. Nevertheless, I'm just curious: Did "Biden's Lawyers" contact a news org and cash-in on what they found? In what way where these "Biden's Lawyers"? Need more ibuprofen. Suffering from Long-Face-Palm.
What a disgraceful man is Kevin McCarthy
Good Afternoon, my Fella Americans. The day isn't over, but Mr. Ortenberg gets today's "Truth To Power".
100% Democrats WIN when they go on offense vs. Republican culture war stunts.
Rove is displaying loyalty to GOP above cult & GOP mega-donors above maga-muffins. Too many elites fed-up with the trump's exclusively self-serving circus crap. #DefendDemocracy #GOPDomesticTerrorists
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the biggest difference in these two cases is one that basically remains unspoken because it is "partisan" - Trump had a rather frequent habit of revealing the nation's secrets to both our enemies and his personal friends. Biden has not.
Finally, the obvious shows up with its hands on its hips saying "Time to get real."
Seditious conspiracy trial of Proud Boys becomes more of a trial about Trump. Judge rules prosecutors can use Trump video telling group “stand back and stand by” Judge: Trump statement showed “an additional motive to advocate for Mr Trump [and] engage in the charged conspiracy”
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The GOP and Christofascist Supreme Court wants to steal our autonomy, setting American women back decades to increase the supply of domestic infants. We must resist #VoteBIGblue
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On the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22nd 2023, we march again. Mark your calendars. action.womensmarch.com/local
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Switzerland isn't being "Nuetral", media can't be "unbiased". If PartyA is committing #WarCrimes & #Genocide against PartyB, then refusing to help PartyB is benefitting PartyA, ensuring death of PartyB. Nuetrality isn't a free pass. It still makes Switzerland a grotesque monster.
!! HUGE BREAKTHROUGH !! In response to truly desperate need of Kyiv, British government has just greenlighted the immediate shipments of Main Heavy Battle Tanks for Ukraine! Fingers crossed that these Godsends arrive in time to stop huge expected Russian attacks in Feb-Mar.
British PM Rishi Sunak has asked defense secretary Ben Wallace to “work with partners” in the coming weeks to go “further and faster with our support for Ukraine including the provision of tanks,” according to British PM spox, FT reports. euromaidanpress.com/2023/01/…
Fella Americans, Our Republic has hit the ground running this morning with high-priority need to protect State Rep's Right to Freely Spend our National Social Contract's investment funds on predatory stunts. Pity TN Rep Comer's base salary of $24,316. Man can use free publicity.
ABC's @KFaulders probably owes taxpayers more context about what @JamesComer is doing with his gavel--he's holding a hearing on why Twitter took down revenge porn.
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"China now perceives a likelihood that Russia will fail to prevail against Ukraine and emerge from the conflict a “minor power”, much diminished economically and diplomatically on the world stage, according to Chinese officials." ft.com/content/e592033b-9e34…
Mind-blowing (pun unintended)
AFU surgeon Andriy Verba successfully removed VOG shell that did not blow up, from the heart of a Ukrainian soldier, deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said. VOG shell is also called the VOG grenade. Verba conducted an operation under the guidance of sappers! Soldier survived!
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At a time when half of older Americans have no retirement savings, House Republicans want to enact huge cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Ain’t gonna happen. We need to repeal Trump’s tax breaks for the rich and expand these programs, not cut them.
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Make no mistake: rather than exporting democracy, the US exported this. Donald Trump inspired this. If we want to fix the model we have set, we now have to model accountability. Every day that goes by without DOJ indicting Trump, we risk more of this. nytimes.com/live/2023/01/08/…
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Four out of five people who sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act can find a health care plan for $10 a month or less. These lower rates were set to expire at the end of 2022, but thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, we were able to extend them.
There's a possibility that trump stole the documents, at least partly, to find material with which to blackmail the US and allies to shield himself from Justice.
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One of the best political ads I’ve seen.
On January 6, 2021, Josh Hawley showed us he’s a fraud and a coward. Missourians deserve a U.S. Senator who’s willing to stand and fight. That’s why I’ve decided to take him on.
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OK. Well. I just lost it, tossed my tablet onto the kitchen counter I was next to which is marble, but I managed to miss it, and the tablet hit the lovely tile floor and now it has a spiderweb on the screen which won't wipe off. I don't feel better,
New: Elon Musk reinstates Twitter account of ex-Trump adviser Mike Flynn on anniversary of Jan. 6, of all days — the same Flynn who was part of the cabal pressing Trump to assert emergency powers to return himself to office at a crucial juncture weeks before the Capitol attack
I'm commencing Operation F-elon: evaluating Discord vs Mastodon. I'll slowly migrate over to my choice, hoping my brilliantly ardent non-twitter-bot Followers visit me there. Anything Elon owns is now dead to me. He's an enemy of Democracy until proven otherwise. #DefendDemocracy
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"If my uncle gets indicted, America is going to run out of beer." --Mary Trump