#Raphinha could have seen us get relegated, activating the £25m release clause. He could have got his dream move to Barça, could have negotiated with loads of teams at that price. Instead, he fought harder than anyone & kept us up. That shouldn’t be forgotten. What a player #LUFC
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Codswallop. Football is a Team game. He didn't keep us up. He contributed to keeping us up. He often went missing in many a game. He's followed the money and CL Football. We owe him nothing. He's History, and ER will let him know next season....

Jun 28, 2022 · 9:49 PM UTC

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Not sure about your last sentence but the rest is spot on. This narrative that he single handedly saved us is just ridiculous. When he came back from international duty in January (I think) he was at best average for the rest of the season. Will miss watching him non the less.
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What bollocks he didn't often go missing he has the odd bad game , I never once saw him not want the ball even when things weren't going right.
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And he was just doing the job, that he was bloody well paid to do.