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Question The establishment has used sinister means in the past to justify its power grab over reach . It has planted agents amongst peaceful protests to disrupt and cause trouble to justify tyranny. Is it happening now ?
Question How many Doctors surgeries are closed on Saturday?
Hancock has been enriching himself from his appearance on the awful I’m a celebrity while taking his MPs salary. The you get people like @JuliaHB1 defending him from being harassed . What world are some people actually living in ?
Is there anyone more loathed in the UK right now ? Has he been drawing an MP’s salary while enriching himself on TV shows ?
The covid19 mRNA jab trials end in March this year . Is this the reason that the boosters etc are being stopped in Feb ?
Tice is Just another Political aspiring individual prepared to say anything to get into power . Children’s safety is worth more than any ruthless ambition.
Pretty much what I thought, just another Tory.
Please Retweet this and ask @MattHancock to repeat the allegations of anti-semetism against @ABridgen on here, where the prospect of defamation becomes a reality. Show us you possess the public courage of your parliamentary grandstanding privilege, Matt. Liars. From day one.
When thinking about the government censoring Andrew Bridgen MP over wether the covid jabs are causing health harms and death .Have people forgotten what the Blair government did to brave whistle blower Katherine Gun concerning the Iraq war . Don’t be fooled !
Good guy Matt speaking out against authoritarianism establishments He deserves our support .
Why do so many Politicians have that untrustworthy look about them .
Please come forward if you have any information about Flossie thank You.
Please retweet to help FIND FLOSSIE, MISSING/STOLEN FORM #BLYTH #UK She could be anywhere in the country now. Have you been offered a dog like this? Her dad is 91 and is devastated. Please share, let's get her home? 🍀 Flossie Come Home @FindFlossie
Always make sure your puppy is chipped and the number transferred into your name .
Please retweet, by law puppies have to been chipped by the breeder at 8 weeks and before sale #UK The new owner then needs to contact the chip database company and change the details to his own. The breeder should give the 11 digit chip code and say which database they have used.
Stop the shots 👇
‘It’s my duty as a cardiologist to urgently inform every Dr, patient & member of the public that the mRNA product is a likely contributory factor in all unexpected cardiac arrests,heart attacks,strokes,cardiac arrhythmia & heart failure since 2021 until proven otherwise’ #NHS
Why is the U.K. government doing nothing about the big energy companies like @eonenergyuk discriminating against the hospitality sector by ripping them off . @RishiSunak