Boxing, weightlifting, football (LUFC) fanatic and practitioner. Currently nursing a broken tibia & Fibula.

London, England
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Said since start season Koch/Stuijk as CB’s! I want JM to succeed but bar Chelsea match have we really played well in any match? (Chelsea haven’t been good in any match so far) is JM going to get same scrutiny as Bielsa?#BRELEE
No words, literally no words! This damn club gonna be the death of me! #BRELEE
Cheers Leeds! Why are we so useless!? #BRELEE
Summary Everton play nothing football & time waste. Our play been non existent, Rodrigo injured now, Sineterra not on ball enough, Adams needs to offload quicker! God don’t lost at home to Lumpard FC #LEEEVE
Sounds like we’ve been piss poor! #BRILEE
Everyone saying Hwang Lee-Chan good option…look at these stats! What does he seriously improve? Other then flattening the grass at Elland Road by falling on it.#lufc #LeedsUnited #hwangleechan
Someone wake me up!!!!! #LEECHE
Kalvin Philips to City 45-50 million. Thought he’d go but we’ve had our pants down price wise! If Ward-Prowese goes for more! If Cucurella valued at 40 as a full back! Poor negotiating! #LeedsUnited #kalvinphillips #LUFC
Has there ever been a ex-player who spouts more anti rhetoric about the club that made him? Danny Mills does nothing but either say we are doomed or spends time fantasying about selling our best players for peanuts! #LeedsUnited #LUFC
Please common score another, take pressure off! #BRELEE
Please Newcastle put Burnley to bed! #BRELEE
Mbuemo getting too much space abs I don’t think it’s all Firpo fault, Cooper needs to hold his centre position both CB’s don’t need to mark Toney at same time! #BRELEE
Well that was a iffy 45mins! Too many nerves at the back! Need a goal! #BRELEE
Genius start Llorente! #BRELEE
VAR playing for Burnley today! #AVLBUR
We are screwed aren’t we? #lufc #AVLBUR
Obv Villa aren’t even a half decent side without Coutinho & Ings, Gerrard done us in! #AVLBUR
Barnes shouldn’t be on the pitch! #AVLBUR