Enwerem Chukwuka is Enwerem Divine Henry. Author of: -GODFATHERS -Honourable Cow-Cow amazon.com/dp/B0B12Z7SNH

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Hello? I'm Enwerem Divine Henry with the pen name: Enwerem Chukwuka. I'm from Abia State and I live in Lagos. I wrote Honourable Cow-Cow, and the crime fiction Godfathers. I'm also a poet and screenwriter. I hear with my eyes and I'm the son of the gods of our land.
They will dick you and diss you.
Being in a relationship with someone far below your intelligence quotient where you both operate in contrasting wavelength, is genuinely one of the most frustrating things. It could frustrate you to the point of insanity. Beware!
She no wear fake Brazilian hair o. To whom it may concern.
Pray for me...even though it doesn't work.
The girl I dey call 'my wife' in primary school don grow breast and boomboom.
One good thing about being a known womaniser is that, no woman bothers asking you about your woman, or to commit to them. They all know you're a chronic cheat. They either ride or pass- in or out. No drama.
And when you pray, pray not to be at the mercy of the wrong person. I don't know what's worse.
You go download person goat put for status talk say Christmas don set. Fake life go kill some people o.
E reach Bros J's turn to celebrate birthday, he hide update. Where location dey? Boys wan flex.
You use Itel phone dey video Range Rover. Dey play, just dey play.
No be shege I dey see so?
Packed contacts in my phone. Now don't know who is who.
It's that time of the year none football fans come out in their droves to talk about what they don't know. You'll be hearing foolish things like Ronaldo is Overrated and Messi plays for Germany. Please bear with them. It won't take long before they wear out.
This is the only December we've counted Day 12 and I've no idea what's going on, no plans for anything 'December'. I'm used to counting down to Christmas from August. It's as if someone pressed a magic button, and I'm not the same guy anymore.
I hate boring. How you gonna have a great life story doing boring things? The perfect love story. The smooth life. The cool family? What's all those? Give me my childhood, where I fell off the top of an orange tree and got a beating for my trouble.
It's been one hell of a year. I learned nothing.
Rule number 1: Broke guys don't commit.
He lies, a man who claims he is not selfish.
Advertise your ashawo work in peace and stop going through the corner. Nobody will beat you. Which one is, "I lost contacts, fun to chat with, I don't snub, add up"? Make we try dey make this life easier abeg.
Impressive show from Morocco. One love. #morocco_spain