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Thank you ma'am this twit was underrated but now the rigging rain dor touch everybody some people dey cry
Yesterday's victims were once survivors. Today's victims were yesterday's survivors and tomorrow's victims would be today's first. Who's next? The victim card is going round. Being a victim is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when. We are all victims waiting to happen!
The igbos aren't allowed to exercise their right to vote for their preferred candidate. The igbos aren't allowed to rule. The igbos aren't allowed to have their freedom since they can't rule over others let them rule over themselves but federal government says
No. If an Igbo man is given chance he will sell of the Nations yet other tribes who have been ruling have been selling the Nations directly and indirectly. If I may ask what did Nigeria government really want from the Igbos? And why this so much hatred ?
Let ask ourselves this simple question, is this the democracy our fathers fault for? #NigeriaDecide2023 #LagosDecides2023 #deltadecides2023
If @DesmondElliot_ return back to the house meaning our fallen heros at @lekkimassacre died for nothing, we were called children for speaking out if he have his way back he'll slap us and build more toilet for his people
My dearest Manchester United fan don't give up yet the @inecnigeria chairman can do something, it's not yet over until @inecnigeria chairman give the final results
As it stand now no money for hand no money for bank but if na to treck from Benin to Ughelli North to vote @peterobi of labour party I'll start this journey tomorrow so help me God
Nigerians actually know who can govern this nation well and make everyone happy but we Nigerians will rather elect Mr impotence, failure and complain for 8 years then borrow data from various network provider to storm celebrity DM and bey them for giveaway
Once they didn't give us what we want from them we'll tag that celebrity stringy and call them any kind os names, few week to general election someone somewhere who doesn't have work, no source of income is still campaigning for same people.
Peter OBI is really stingy He didn't even share the question they asked Him in Chatham house to anyone including his vice .🤣🤣
The calamity of not voting is that those politicians we called wicked people will elect their senior colleagues to pilot the affairs of the government which will favour their household and we all willr see shege pro Max, next month is our only chance to make it
Right, be part of this election go out and vote.
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2023, no stone unturned. If you’re still keen on learning -Coding -UI/UX -Bus Dev -Cyber Security -Bus Analysis -Data Analysis -Proj Mgt -Web Dev & more & will love to be part of training sessions fully kicking off this year (non stop) RT, Reply with what you’d be learning!
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Some people serious girlfriend dey some useless Boyz arms now dey collect infections just for the cause of we are outside.
Nor b to carry one innocent boy pix go Shiloh ooo remember say Nigeria as a country is on the verge of collapsing, Carry @inecnigeria logo and Nigeria police logo so God touch them to let next year election credible and peaceful.
This country will always fail to meet your expectations, is this what @cenbank really have for us or they're yet to release the new naira note they said they've redesign?
Let be honest to ourselves, those people clapping did they hear something different from what was said on that clip abi the blublublu na new slang for Lagos?
Thank God say them no qualify to world cup oo if nothing I sure say these guys ready send us to hospital for rubbish performance.