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Lesia, don't worry about rebuilding anything now, this will be done with the help of the west later, all of you will make money out of that, you can be assured of that. The biggest challange is to get that lunatic out of the office asap.
Why has my Indian frien gone queit?
I am not 🇺🇦, but I know many, I also know many 🇷🇺, I lived for 21 years with them, I had to learn 🇷🇺 language at school, I draw my conclusions from the experience rather than what I read, please look deeper into 🇷🇺 history, the first book I recommend is abebooks.co.uk/Red-Famine-St…
You really don't have a clue about 🇷🇺, they are doing the same in 🇺🇦 what they did in Aleppo, Georgia, Chechnya and many other countries. "Russians are trying to save civilians" - you really are brainwashed. Go and talk to 🇺🇦 and see what they say.
Ok, so you have been brainwashed by Modi. I didn't mean largest, I meant strongest.
Ukrainians are loosing? don't make me lough, the second biggest army in the world after 4 months have not achieved any of their targets with much smaller and less equipped army?? I have to tell you though their are very good at bombing civilians, raping and stilling
When you get your data, get them at least from few sources, not only Russian sources, because it looks to me like you are brainwashed by Russian Propaganda.
I was born in USSR and I know how 🇷🇺 army works, soldiers selling fuel, or army equiment for alcohol and fags, young soldiers being humiliated by depraved old soldiers, only high range professional soldiers are good, the rest are cannon fodder, "disposable"🇷🇺 call them in 🇺🇦
....🇺🇦 people are trained by professioanlas (including Nato) and they have high morales, 🇷🇺 are trained by alcoholics and they cannot rebuild their losses quickly also because of sanctions, the west needs feed 🇺🇦 with all weapons they need quickly and it will be done soon.
Well, they are training people since the start of the war, given that the military service in 🇷🇺 is 12 months and 🇺🇦 are already 4 mths into training I would say that 6 mths in 🇺🇦 training is more than 12 in 🇷🇺, as 🇷🇺 army is deprived, corupted and unmotivated....
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Supply 🇺🇦 with the weapons they want, quickly and it will be over soon. 🇺🇦 can deploy an extra 2mln soldiers in July (including men trained since the general mobilisation), 🇷🇺's active personel includes 1mln soldiers in total plus 2mln in reserves, that's not enough to defeat 🇺🇦
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Czym bliżej widmo trybunału stanu, tym głośniejsza propaganda. To już jest krzyk o pomoc.
Nie no, Jarek jeszcze nie strzela do tych co nie krzyczą dlatego robią z siebie i z Jarka pajaców ciekawe czy on o tym wie?
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Co ty wiesz o romantyźmie??? Roman-tyź-mnie wkur..ł
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Teraz sobie z tatusiem będą na wakacje do Syrii, czy Wenezueli jeździli swołocz
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Because the other half believes that supplying weapons to 🇺🇦 will escalate conflict and 🇺🇦 should give up some of it's teritory to Putin and stop the war. FOR THAT HALF I HAVE A MESSAGE: INSTEAD OF GIVING UP UKRAINE'S TERITORIES, PROPOSE PUTIN EASTERN GERMANY TO END THE WAR!
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Peter the Great, Vladimir the small
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A co wy na to?
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He looks like Polish prime minister
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Meaning of CCCP - Coward Crook Coruption = Putin