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Lindor is not a star
#asksnb biggest jokester on the team
#askSNB who was your favorite player growing up
Randle what’re you looking at
Jeff Teague's hilarious story about Jimmy Butler's infamous Timberwolves practice when he beat the starters 18-6 with the Bad News Bears, yelled at the GM to "pay me" and then ran off to do an interview with Rachel Nichols. From the Club 520 Podcast on YouTube
Wonder if RJ Barrett ever gets tired of being so ass
That foul is good for the lakers dude conley is laying that shit in with nobody on him
Antonio Brown just went Instagram live and said James Harrison gave him CTE. At least he’s aware of his condition
Get Hezonja on the court he’s the bron stopper
#Cardinals Quarter Back Kyle Murray was reportedly “ecstatic” to hear the news of his torn ACL sources say. He expressed a happiness for more off time to play the new Call of Duty and be at home to play video games sources tell ESPN
Rj Barrett, the 3rd pick in 2019, had 4 points today. Darius Garland, the 5th pick in 2019, just dropped over 50 points today. Knicks can’t get anything right
The only reason thibs still has a job is because he’s known Leon since the 90’s
Thibs is a defensive coach with no offensive scheme and our defense still sucks
Knicks are a disaster. Not sure how long Thibs survives the season
Stefon Diggs will be out 6-8 weeks with a cut tongue
Beasley would’ve caught that
Levi Wallace would’ve never made that play with us
Taiwan Jones is trash